Voice over production requires much more than finding a good voice and properly using the tools to capture it. A good director is critical in obtaining the very best performance from any actor. Having an ear for the subtle nuances of the spoken word, such as timing and inflection is only half the battle. Being able to effectively communicate these ideas to the voice artist while simultaneously making them feel comfortable is what makes the difference between acceptable results and a great, natural sounding delivery. I have years of directing experience and have even occasionally been known to sneak around to the other side of the microphone as well.

I’ll always deliver a word for word recording of your project if requested. But often the real magic occurs when there is a little flexibility with the scripts given me and tape is actually rolling. Allowing an actor the freedom to improvise where the opportunity allows has resulted in many of the best and most entertaining surprises to come out of NOP, however unplanned. This 'let them take the ball and run with it' approach allows an actor to bring to the table his or her own unique gifts and it is this creative and collaborative freedom I enjoy most.

I work with a large and ever growing roster of professional voice talent both local and abroad. Taking on the role of casting director is something I am comfortable with, and NOP makes bringing your vision to reality a priority by procuring and auditioning many different actors until the right match for the job is found. And even if the speaking talent delivers a compelling recital, meticulous digital editing (down to the syllable if necessary!) adds the final polish. Whether you are looking for character work, documentary style reads, natural acting, hard sells or that big movie trailer sound, I’ll help you get the sound in your head…out.

Take a moment to listen to select examples on the sample pages. In addition to the voicework, all music underscoring and sound design was created here at NOP unless otherwise stated.