Pipe Dreams (excerpt)
Legionnaire (excerpt)
Imperium (excerpt)
Caravan - ambient (excerpt)
Fight or Flight (excerpt 1)
Fight or Flight (excerpt 2)
Hell's Gate (excerpt)
Labyrinth (excerpt)
Minstrelosity (excerpt)
Moral Dilemma (excerpt)
Nothing to Fear
O'Carolan's Draught (excerpt)
On Solid Ground (excerpt)
Sandal Maker
Stained Glass
The Lamb
The Smith (excerpt 1)
The Smith (excerpt 2)
Trancefusion (excerpt )
Château (excerpt)
Cheesy Gameshow
Lumbering Beast
A Strong Spice (excerpt)
Overjoyed And Bursting With Emotion
Wails (excerpt)
Light Years From Home (excerpt)
Closing In (excerpt)
- Serene and ambient. Deep woodwinds.
- Orchestral. March like.
- Orchestral. Conveys intensity and size. Influenced by Gustav Holst's 'Mars, The Bringer of War'.
- Tranquil strings.
- Intense, menacing.
- Synthesized sci fi soundscape. Lonely, distant, desolate.
- Moody emulation of whales using analog synthesizers.
- Ethnic. Middle eastern flavor featuring bansuri flute master Steve Gorn.
- Orchestral. Action. Dark adventure.
- Short stinger.
- Orchestral, action, adventure.
- Orchestral. Action, adventure.
- Huge choir sound.
- Medieval. Folky, acoustic.
- Medieval. Folky, acoustic.
- Orchestral strings. Serious, contemplative.
- Folky. Acoustic arrangement of an old Irish standard featuring violin, cello, mandolin, octave mandolin, harp.
- Orchestral. Rhythmic and methodical. Sense of adventure.
- Ethnic. Rhythmic. Several exotic world instruments. Female vocals.
- Mournful & moody. Boys choir.
- Percussive, evolving mood setter with female vocalist.
- Orchestral. Tension builder.
- Ethnic, exotic, ethereal. A blend of many world sounds . Featuring multi instrumentalist Bill Vanaver with vocals by Lydia Pidlusky.
- Orchestral. Action, adventure.
- Orchestral. Fantasy.
- Mysterious.
- Orchestral. Majestic.

While I have composed in a wide variety of styles, much of my recent underscoring could best be described as contemporary orchestral. I often combine live musicians along with electronic instrumentation. Whether your production requires a cinematic theme, an atmospheric texture or an evocative soundscape I can help support your vision. So please sit back and listen to some excerpts of my music below. Crank up the speakers, close your eyes, and allow the music to dictate what you see.
The Empire
- Epic,  thematic, orchestral.
Textures (excerpt)
- New age.
Ear Candy
Golden Oldies
Below are some examples of my early work.
- Quite possibly the happiest piece of music I have ever been     credited with writing.
- A radio style demo showcasing many different styles.
- Ambient middle eastern vibe.
Hal's Pulse (excerpt)
- Synthesized sci fi soundscape. Sentient, cold, emotionless.
Unidentified Species (excerpt)
- Synthesized sci fi texture. Dark, weird, alien.
Gravity Free
- Catchy bluegrass vibe. Banjo, jaw harp, whistling.
'Boss'ton Tea Party
- Orchestral meets rock meets electronica meets bluegrass. Electric guitar, jaw harp, techno beats.
Stardust Blues
- Acoustic blues. Banjo, guitar, upright bass.
Thin Air
- Ethereal electronica with hints of bluegrass. Electrified jaw harp. Kraftwerk meets Pink Floyd.
Rocky Road
- Progressive rock. Synths, hammond organ & electric guitar with jaw harp through delay.
Tourist Jamboree
- Straightforward bluegrass vibe. Banjo, jaw harp, harmonica.